Box Breaks

What is a box break? 

A box break is the best way to get your favorite team’s cards without shelling out a lot of money for the whole product. When you buy into a box break, you get to pick your team and receive every card pulled from that box. Cards from teams you don’t care about? Not your problem! It’s affordable and efficient. We break boxes from all the top products like Topps Chrome, Finest, Heritage, Bowman, Panini Prizm, Select, Chronicles, Mosaic and so much more. 

We live stream our breaks on YouTube so you can watch the excitement and join in on action. 

Want to get in on our next box break? Go to our Group Breaks section to reserve your spot in our upcoming breaks. Not only is it easy, it’s exciting! We never know what amazing cards will get pulled and it’s a fun event to do together. 

Once the break is over, we ship your cards to you.

Different Cards Breaks we do:

Team Breaks: Buy or Bid on your favorite team and score some cool cards from your hometown stars.

Random breaks: Buy a spot and get a randomized team(s) or division. A great value and a fun way to gain more exposure to new players you may not have in your collection.

Player Breaks: A player break allows you to buy all of the cards of the player of your choosing.

Have any questions? We're here to help! Shoot us a message and we'd be happy to explain things more.

We hope to see you in one of our group breaks soon!